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Tonya Baña - Employment Lawyer

Who Is Tonya?

Tonya Baña is a seasoned employment attorney with more than a dozen years experience handling employment-related legal matters.  A Baltimore native and proud graduate of Woodlawn High School in Baltimore County, Tonya received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard and her law degree from Stanford.  After spending nearly a decade counseling and defending employers at two of the most well respected employment groups in the Baltimore-Washington area, Tonya started her own law practice to provide the same high-quality legal representation to individuals who have been victims of workplace discrimination or other civil rights violations.

Why Choose Tonya?

Tonya has successfully represented hundreds of individuals in a broad range of employment and civil rights matters, and has demonstrated a track record of achieving outstanding results.  The nearly 10 years she practiced as a defense attorney for employers is a tremendous asset few plaintiff’s attorneys can offer to clients.  Tonya’s unique background counseling and negotiating on behalf of employers gives her invaluable insights on how to best protect the interests of employees and resolve employment disputes on the most favorable terms for her clients.  In just four years representing individuals, Tonya has obtained confidential settlements for her clients totaling more than $13,000,000.00.

Tonya Baña - Attorney
Tonya Baña - Employment Lawyer Baltimore Maryland

How Can Tonya Help?

If you believe your workplace or civil rights have been violated, Tonya may be able to help.  Maybe you were fired and want to determine if you have any potential claims against your employer or need help securing your final paycheck, a neutral employment reference or unemployment.  It may be that you are still employed, but are the victim of actual or threatened harassment or retaliation.  Perhaps you are being deprived of legally mandated pay, such as having unlawful deductions made from your paycheck or being denied overtime.  You may need legal counsel to review a severance agreement.  Tonya has extensive experience in these situations. She can help you address your employment issue or dispute.